Hiphop poet and performer Jitsvinger, jazz pianist Kyle Shepherd and singer and poet Blaq Pearl trace the origins of Afrikaans all the way back to the 1600s and follow it through to the present day. By combining various musical styles like Ghoema and Kaapse Klopse, poetry and video, the performers set out to redefine the untold story of the language as it has developed over the years. In true hip-hop style, incorporating beats and rhymes, glitches and scratches, this cutting-edge hiphopera looks at the language of the people of the Cape and celebrates all its different influences.

At the Baxter Theatre

Dates and Times/Datums en Tye:
Previews/Voorskoue 7 & 8 April at/om 20:00
Opens/Open 9 April at/om 20:00
Thereafter Monday–Saturday at/Daarna Maandae–Saterdae om 20:00

This is a definate must to revisit the roots of Afrikaans. It is such a rich language.


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