The Comedy Show

He has a wild wacky energy.  He looks like he’s the rep for red bull. It’s nice to see somebody that breaks the boundaries and is not scared to go forward.  We all have our own genres and hopefully our genres make us different and that is one of the reasons that John is so special. He is so fast and so up to date. It is nice to see a young man who still has the same energy he started with 10 or so years ago and this makes him always a pleasure to watch. He is proud that he is South African and that shows that we have world class acts in this country.” Barry Hilton praising John Vlismas

“Whether it’s on a rock stage in front of thousands, or entertaining a small audience in The Underground, Don Packett is more than comfortable on stage.

From turning current affairs into comedy (SA government unfortunately does that by itself) to why Afrikaans people should be attacked by sharks, he makes sure his audience is entertained from when he walks onto stage until he’s dragged off.

A likeable enough guy, Don MCs and speaks at events, breaks bones doing extreme downhill sports, and you can catch him on the SA comedy circuit. He thinks he’s funny. And that’s all that matters.” Don Packett praising Don Packett.

For our adventurous guests, Cape Xtreme Adventure Tours have sponsored an auction prize package including a sandboarding trip at Atlantis sand dunes for two people.

The Comedy Show will take place on 2nd of September from 6.30pm onwards at the swanky Grand Daddy Hotel. Guests will be greeted with welcome drinks, followed by the comedy show at The Venue and culminating in a scrumptious finger food dinner. Tickets cost R250 per person and as this is an exclusive event, ONLY 60 tickets available. Not only does this include the comedy show, performances, dinner and a welcome drink but R250 will go towards sending 2 underprivileged children to the Breadline Africa’s annual seaside party. These kids have never seen the ocean and each guest’s contribution will cover the bus, lunch, gift and t-shirt costs for two children. So help send 2 children to the seaside party by buying the ticket:

1) You can make an EFT deposit directly into Breadline Africa’s bank account with the ref being Comedy. This will immediately place you on our exclusive guest list. To keep track, we would rather you called Lizo on 021 418 0322 or email him  ( to find out our bank account details.

2) You can pop by Breadline Africa’s offices and pay in cash or by credit card (just ask for Lizo and he will process your payment). Breadline Africa’s address is: No 2 Somerset Road Cape Town South Africa 8001


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