Social Networking

Herewith a few pointers for how to go about social networking.

One of the most important factors to remember is that everything you say is public. Once it’s out there, it’s out there. It’s very easy to get voted off (that is other people’s friend/follow or connection lists.

To help you manage your social network sites, here are some of the mistakes people tend to make with tips of how you can avoid them.

One of the mistakes are failing to observe local customs. If you’re new to a network take time to lurk and learn. Watch someone you respect and follow their lead on etiquette. An example is when on Twitter @reply to someone (vs messaging them privately) it’s polite to mention the topic so others can follow.

A social network is not the way to market or for hawking your wares. Depending on the network, rampant self-promotions can lose you friends and even get your account suspended or have you banned.

Another big factor with social networking is being insincere. People see right through the tactics of disingenuous networkers. Authenticity and transparency are the buzzwords. Be yourself.

A social network is not the forum for personal expression. Complaining about your mother in law, providing minute by minute updates of your daily emotions is unlikely to win you friends and followers. Leave this for a therapist.

Do not be insensitive on a social network. Remember, religion, sex and politics are perennial hot tamales. Be extremely tactful or avoid these areas altogether.

Social networks are a great way to connect – treat each person as the individual they are. If you want to engage, take responsibility for finding a genuine point of contact. You’ll be more likely to get a response and make a connection.

Do not have a boring profile. If you want your social networking dance card to fill up, make an effort. Don’t have a bio that reads “Since my birth……” Keep your profile uncluttered and interesting. Include your photo. Consider using your real name.

Avoid some of these mistakes and you’ll be less likely to get voted off the island. Instead, you might just find yourself with the prize – a great network of people!


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