Just a little town in and around the West Coast. A wonderful holiday spot, to rewind, relax and just be. One of my favourite places.


The Geek Fashion Show

This is so going to be a major event.

Being part of the organizing panel is just so exciting. So many of the geeks in the online community will strutting their stuff on the catwalk for charity.

Tickets are still available with me, as I’m the one who you need to talk to by getting the tickets. Just send me an e-mail via Litsje’s website.

I’ll do the rest.

Breadline Africa’s Geek Fashion Show

Date: 26 April 2010
Venue: Daylight Studio, Bree Street, Cape Town
Overview: The first ever Geek Fashion Show will be held at Daylight Studio with David Donde as MC while Cigar Clothing, Billabong and Puma are the generous clothing sponsors. eNetworks with the help of Café Max will be sponsoring the sound, snacks and wine. The event’s grand finale will be an auction of Ard Matthew’s golf shirt that he wore to Nelson Mandela Invitational, followed by an auction of a mystery voucher for Cigar Clothing AND to end the night on a high note, we will be auctioning off Paul Cartmel and Ben Wagner. Bid on a morning surf with each of them followed by brunch at Knead. The event starts at 19h00, for more information visit the Breadline Africa blog.


27 – 29 April

WTF! Social Media has gone main stream. What does this mean? At WTF Media Conf we will explore social media, mobile media and cloud computing – the three big trends for 2010. According to Jesse Schell, “Facebook, a social networking site, is big, strange and terrifying or rather unexpected.” (BTW, Facebook had more hits than Google for the second week in March, 2010.)

Online or Mobile, Social Media is changing the way we live, work today and will continue to do so in the future. If you want to know more about what’s coming and how to use it, then you are in the right place. WTF Media Conf will focus on knowledge and application (case studies) and of course, life would not be complete without the crystal ball, a couple of predictions.

The conference, organised by CPUT (Cape Peninsula University of Technology), comprises two components: Boot Camp and WTF Media Conf. Boot Camp is a mixture of knowledge, skills development and practice for the novice or beginner.

Point of Purchase for Tickets: Email: wtfmediaconf@gmail.com
Cost of Tickets: R 4,500

Building a Better Life for All Conference

Building a Better Life for All Conference will be hosted at the CTICC from the 20th – 21 April 2010. The discussions will be some amalgam of democracy, the business system of markets and incentives, and civil society activism has delivered the good life to many peoples of the world. Based on experience from within the continent, what is the best way to enhance and improve the good society of Africa, unlocking the potential for creativity and innovation, creating wealth and jobs? These and related questions will be the subject of the conference.