Lifetime Goals

Goal setting is the process for thinking about your future, of what you want to achieve. The way to motivate yourself and turn this vision of your future into a reality. The process of setting a goal is to help you make choices where you want to go in life and what you would like to achieve. By setting a goal you would be able to know what you would require to make your goal a reality.

Goals can be differentiated between personal, lifetime or being career minded.

In the next couple of days we will look at how to set personal, lifetime and career goals. This week we will look at Lifetime goals.

With setting a goal the first aspect to consider is what you want to achieve in your lifetime. Where you would like to be in 10 years.  One has to keep in mind that you would need an overall perspective that all decisions you make would have an impact on your life.

By defining a lifetime goal a person can look at categorising the important areas in your life. Categories can include where you want to be in your career and how financially independent you would want to be. What education and skills would be required to make your goal a reality. How would family life impact on the decisions you make. What physical requirements would you need to gain your goals. What would you define as being in good health. Is your mindset where it is supposed to be. What would you define brings you pleasure, that which brings balance in your life.

Once you have categorised your lifetime goals, draft a 5 year or 10 year plan. Set smaller goals that you know you can complete within a 1 year, 6 month and a 1 month plan. Create daily to-do lists. This would keep you focused. Review your plans and make sure this is the way you want to live your life.


Social Networking

Herewith a few pointers for how to go about social networking.

One of the most important factors to remember is that everything you say is public. Once it’s out there, it’s out there. It’s very easy to get voted off (that is other people’s friend/follow or connection lists.

To help you manage your social network sites, here are some of the mistakes people tend to make with tips of how you can avoid them.

One of the mistakes are failing to observe local customs. If you’re new to a network take time to lurk and learn. Watch someone you respect and follow their lead on etiquette. An example is when on Twitter @reply to someone (vs messaging them privately) it’s polite to mention the topic so others can follow.

A social network is not the way to market or for hawking your wares. Depending on the network, rampant self-promotions can lose you friends and even get your account suspended or have you banned.

Another big factor with social networking is being insincere. People see right through the tactics of disingenuous networkers. Authenticity and transparency are the buzzwords. Be yourself.

A social network is not the forum for personal expression. Complaining about your mother in law, providing minute by minute updates of your daily emotions is unlikely to win you friends and followers. Leave this for a therapist.

Do not be insensitive on a social network. Remember, religion, sex and politics are perennial hot tamales. Be extremely tactful or avoid these areas altogether.

Social networks are a great way to connect – treat each person as the individual they are. If you want to engage, take responsibility for finding a genuine point of contact. You’ll be more likely to get a response and make a connection.

Do not have a boring profile. If you want your social networking dance card to fill up, make an effort. Don’t have a bio that reads “Since my birth……” Keep your profile uncluttered and interesting. Include your photo. Consider using your real name.

Avoid some of these mistakes and you’ll be less likely to get voted off the island. Instead, you might just find yourself with the prize – a great network of people!

Robertson Slow Show

6 to 9 AUGUST 2010

Only 90 minutes drive from Cape Town (on the popular, scenic Route 62), why not take the time to head out to the country and enjoy the simple pleasures in life… slowly at the Robertson Wine Valley’s slow-living festival. At Robertson Slow, one can sample honest, old-fashioned, rural hospitality synonymous with the Robertson Wine Valley’s wine-making community. Relish the slow food and wine that will satiate your senses and revel in the relaxed pace that will replenish your soul.

Once again, Robertson Slow will be taking place, over a long weekend, from Friday 6 to Monday 9 August, and will allow you to indulge in the laid-back comfort of the Valley, at a leisurely pace, leaving you utterly refreshed.

After the Robertson Wine Valley was judged the “best innovative wine tourism experience” at the Best of Wine Tourism Awards by global wine tourism experts, the Great Wine Capitals Global Network; and since Robertson Slow has been voted “best showcase for a wine route” for three consecutive years by acclaimed travel journalist Graham Howe on, Robertson Slow 2010 is definitely an event not to be missed!

The Robertson Wine Valley is looking to attract visitors yearning to experience the charm of country life in intimate settings characterised by each farm’s unique personal touch. While enjoying time-honoured activities, visitors will be afforded the opportunity to interact with wine-makers and wine-farmers, in an informal ambience, getting to know them and their respective families.

Here are just a few of the many activities that can be enjoyed at Robertson Slow:

• Indulge in traditional cuisine, using local ingredients from the Valley;
• Experience wine-tastings and dinners in the homes of the local wine-making families, savouring family recipes;
• Revel in the beauty of biodiversity with fynbos walks;
• Learn how to make your own salami;
• Master the art of pairing wine with food;
• Discover the fine art of cheese-making followed by a tutored tasting;
• Try your hand at making pasta or baking vetkoek to perfection;
• Treat yourself to an organic meal on an organic wine farm;
• Browse and shop at leisure, on Sunday 8 August, at the Robertson Valley Regional Food Market, and choose from a colourful array of delectable fresh produce.

Robertson Slow may be focusing on the ‘slow’ way of life, but don’t be ‘slow’ to book your place at one (or more) of the events which best represents your interpretation of the essence of country living. To avoid disappointment, events must be booked before Friday 30 July.

For more information on Robertson Slow, and a full program of events, as well as booking details: visit or contact the Robertson Wine Valley on: tel (023) 626 3167

The Comedy Show

He has a wild wacky energy.  He looks like he’s the rep for red bull. It’s nice to see somebody that breaks the boundaries and is not scared to go forward.  We all have our own genres and hopefully our genres make us different and that is one of the reasons that John is so special. He is so fast and so up to date. It is nice to see a young man who still has the same energy he started with 10 or so years ago and this makes him always a pleasure to watch. He is proud that he is South African and that shows that we have world class acts in this country.” Barry Hilton praising John Vlismas

“Whether it’s on a rock stage in front of thousands, or entertaining a small audience in The Underground, Don Packett is more than comfortable on stage.

From turning current affairs into comedy (SA government unfortunately does that by itself) to why Afrikaans people should be attacked by sharks, he makes sure his audience is entertained from when he walks onto stage until he’s dragged off.

A likeable enough guy, Don MCs and speaks at events, breaks bones doing extreme downhill sports, and you can catch him on the SA comedy circuit. He thinks he’s funny. And that’s all that matters.” Don Packett praising Don Packett.

For our adventurous guests, Cape Xtreme Adventure Tours have sponsored an auction prize package including a sandboarding trip at Atlantis sand dunes for two people.

The Comedy Show will take place on 2nd of September from 6.30pm onwards at the swanky Grand Daddy Hotel. Guests will be greeted with welcome drinks, followed by the comedy show at The Venue and culminating in a scrumptious finger food dinner. Tickets cost R250 per person and as this is an exclusive event, ONLY 60 tickets available. Not only does this include the comedy show, performances, dinner and a welcome drink but R250 will go towards sending 2 underprivileged children to the Breadline Africa’s annual seaside party. These kids have never seen the ocean and each guest’s contribution will cover the bus, lunch, gift and t-shirt costs for two children. So help send 2 children to the seaside party by buying the ticket:

1) You can make an EFT deposit directly into Breadline Africa’s bank account with the ref being Comedy. This will immediately place you on our exclusive guest list. To keep track, we would rather you called Lizo on 021 418 0322 or email him  ( to find out our bank account details.

2) You can pop by Breadline Africa’s offices and pay in cash or by credit card (just ask for Lizo and he will process your payment). Breadline Africa’s address is: No 2 Somerset Road Cape Town South Africa 8001

Spier Contemporary Art Exhibition

This year sees 101 artists exhibiting work in mediums such as photography, digital design, video, sound installation and performance art. The Spier Contemporary 2010 exhibition is curated from a cross-section of artists living in the country. It is an open platform to create and show new work which reflects South Africa now. The art is for sale.

The Exhibition will run to the 14th of may from 10am to 6pm. City Hall, Darling Street, Cape Town.


09:00 to 14:00, every Saturday
Oude Libertas Centre, Oude Libertas Estate, Stellenbosch

Visit the Oude Libertas Centre in Stellenbosch on Saturdays to sample the delicious wares from the Stellenbosch Fresh Goods Market, which has moved from its former home at Bosman’s Crossing.

The Stellenbosch Fresh Goods Market is an authentic slow food market with producers selling products which they have grown, raised, harvested, caught, preserved or transformed themselves. The market has become an institution with the region’s locals and tourists alike since it establishment almost two years ago.

If you are in the market for high-quality niche producers, food artisans, produce from local and regional farmers, natural and organic merchants, responsible and sustainable enterprises and purveyors of fine food, then be sure to visit the Stellenbosch Fresh Goods Market very Saturday, 52 weeks of the year.


Hiphop poet and performer Jitsvinger, jazz pianist Kyle Shepherd and singer and poet Blaq Pearl trace the origins of Afrikaans all the way back to the 1600s and follow it through to the present day. By combining various musical styles like Ghoema and Kaapse Klopse, poetry and video, the performers set out to redefine the untold story of the language as it has developed over the years. In true hip-hop style, incorporating beats and rhymes, glitches and scratches, this cutting-edge hiphopera looks at the language of the people of the Cape and celebrates all its different influences.

At the Baxter Theatre

Dates and Times/Datums en Tye:
Previews/Voorskoue 7 & 8 April at/om 20:00
Opens/Open 9 April at/om 20:00
Thereafter Monday–Saturday at/Daarna Maandae–Saterdae om 20:00

This is a definate must to revisit the roots of Afrikaans. It is such a rich language.